KIBOU Hall of fame 2023

Hall of Fame 23

Our Award Winners from 2023

Team Player - Cheltenham

Gemma Williams-Doyle

Best Chef - Cheltenham

Ian Pechon

Front of House - Cheltenham

Jacob Tennison

Hospitality Star - Cheltenham

Angelo Bernales

Team Player - Battersea

Lorenzo Eron

Best Chef - Battersea

Felipe Rocha

Front of House - Battersea

Anna Olsen

Hospitality Star - Battersea

Connor Philipson

Team Player - Clifton

Ellie Pratten

Best Chef - Clifton

Peter Szabo

Front of House - Clifton

Ariu Chinbaatar

Hospitality Star - Clifton

Diana Gardalits

Team Player - Solihull

Evelina Brumar

Best Chef - Solihull

Kabita Nepal

Front of House - Solihull

Savio Noronha

Hospitality Star - Solihull

Rebekah Lucas

Team Player - Cambridge

Piotr Klimkowski

Best Chef - Cambridge

Simon Tang

Front of House - Cambridge

Despina Vasileiadi

Hospitality Star - Cambridge

Beatrice Petrariu

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