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miso soup (gf)

udon noodle soup
udon noodles in a warm dashi, soy & mirin broth with bonito flakes 

japanese pickles (v) (vg) gf option 

traditional side of homemade fermented hakusai cabbage

furikake rice (gf)
steamed rice topped with furikake seasoning, a blend of seaweed, sesame seed & dried fish

steamed rice (vg) (gf)


black lava salt (v) (vg) (gf)
sriracha (v) (vg)
garlic oil (v) (vg) (gf)

agedashi tofu v option – gf option

gently fried tofu, warmed tempura sauce, toasted nori, spring onions, bonito flakes & mooli

chicken yakitori gf option
skewered, grilled chicken thigh in yakitori sauce, spring onions & japanese pickles

wakame salad (v) (vg)
seaweed salad with mirin dressing & sesame seed

spinach goma-ae (v) (vg) (gf)
blanched spinach in a sweet-savoury sesame dressing

pork gyozas – 5 pieces
handmade, lightly spiced, pork mince dumplings; pan-fried & steamed, served with gyoza dipping sauce.

chicken kara-age gf option
chicken thigh marinated in soy, ginger & garlic, fried and served with sriracha mayo


round batter snacks with a small piece of octopus in the centre, tonkatsu sauce, sriracha mayo & bonito flakes

nasu dengaku (v) (vg) (gf)

aubergine baked in a sweet miso glaze with sesame

pumpkin korroke (v) – vg option
2 pumpkin croquettes topped with tonkatsu sauce, sriracha mayo & aonori

steamed bao bun

filled with finely sliced raw cabbage, japanese pickles, KIBOU mayo and either

chicken kara-age 
softshell crab tempura 
shiitake mushroom tempura (v) – vg option

ebi stak (available cheltenham only) £8.50

nori based toast, seasoned, minced king prawn, sesame, served with wasabi mayo and ginger. prawn toast, but not as you know it!

lightly battered, with crispy, handmade tempura flakes, served with tempura sauce
vegetable (v) £7.25
ebi (prawn) & vegetable £7.95
softshell crab £7.95
ebi (prawn)  £8.50


YAKISOBA – gf option
stir-fried soba noodles, yakisoba sauce, vegetables, ginger & nori
chicken £12.95
vegetable (v) (vg) £11.95 

topped, traditional japanese rice bowl
grilled teriyaki eel, ginger & pickles
buta don

slow-cooked pork belly, pak choi, egg, pickles & schichimi
salmon sushi donburi (gf)

salmon sashimi, ikura, avocado, mooli & shiso leaf

panko fried and served with steamed rice, japanese pickles and our delicious, homemade katsu curry sauce
chicken £13.95
ebi (prawn) £15.95
seasonal vegetables (v) £12.95

TERIYAKI – gf option
sweet teriyaki glaze, served with rice, vegetables & raw cabbage
beef fillet £22.50
chicken thigh £15.95
salmon £16.95
vegetable (v) (vg) £13.95

rice bowl topped with either salmon or chicken, with mango, avocado, radish, spring onion, crispy onion, grated carrot, sesame seed, goma wakame
soy & honey dressed salmon sashimi £12.95
teriyaki chicken – gf option £11.95


noodles, tea-stained boiled egg, bean sprouts, pak choi, naruto, spring onion, ginger, bamboo shoots, nori, sesame & crispy onion with your choice of homemade chicken or pork broth.

chicken nanban
lightly battered chicken thigh, with a broth choice of chicken or pork

cha siu
tender pork belly, with a broth choice of chicken or pork
vegetable (v) – vg option – gf options

firm tofu & seasonal vegetables in a delicious vegetable broth


jo moriawase(gf options)
20 piece mixed sushi platter – selection chosen by our chef – perfect for sharing or easy to eat on your own if you’re hungry!

yasai moriawase (v) – vg option – gf option
17 piece variety vegetarian sushi platter – selection chosen by our chef – perfect for sharing!
salmon zukushi gf – option
4 salmon sashimi, 4 salmon nigiri, 4 salmon & avocado california roll
tuna zukushi (gf)
4 tuna sashimi, 4 tuna nigiri, 4 spicy tuna & cucumber california


8 piece small sushi roll
sea bream with tobiko £7.95
tuna (gf) £7.95
ebi (prawn) (gf) £6.95
salmon (gf) £7.65
avocado (v) (vg) (gf) £7.25
cucumber (v) (vg) (gf) £6.50

5 piece large sushi roll
kimchi seafood (mildly spicy) £9.95
prawn tempura £11.95
with tobiko, seared salmon & kimchi mayo
teriyaki duck & cucumber £10.50
mixed vegetable (v) (vg) – gf option £9.50
chicken katsu £9.95
panko fried chicken
spider roll £15.95
10 piece, soft shell crab tempura, shiso leaf, tobiko, sriracha mayo
volcano roll £15.95
10 piece, salmon, avocado & tobiko, dipped in tempura batter, fried & drizzled with special KIBOU sauces!

8 piece inside out sushi roll
ebi yukari £11.95
prawn tempura, avocado, tobiko, yukari, red amaranth
spicy tuna & avocado (gf) £11.95
spicy tuna & cucumber (gf) £11.95
crab with cucumber & avocado (gf) £11.95
salmon & avocado (gf) £11.50
grilled teriyaki eel & cucumber £11.95
mixed seafood gf – option  £11.95
mixed vegetable (v) (vg) – gf option £10.25
spicy tuna dragon roll £15.95
8 piece spicy tuna and tempura flake roll, topped with grilled teriyaki eel, avocado & sweet unagi sauce
lantern roll
8 piece salmon or tuna topped roll, soft shell crab tempura, mango, avocado, tempura flakes & tobiko
salmon £15.95
tuna £17.95

2 piece, nori wrapped around seasoned rice & topped 
scallop £6.95
tobiko £5.95
ikura (gf) £5.95
spicy tuna (gf) £6.95
teriyaki salmon £6.50
gunkan platter £14.00
6 piece, chef’s selection, gunkan

1 piece, hand rolled sushi in a cone shape filled with seasoned rice and a choice of filling
california (gf) £4.95
crab, cucumber & avocado
salmon & avocado (gf) £4.85
teriyaki duck £4.75
spider roll £6.95
soft-shell crab & tobiko
spicy tuna & avocado (gf) 5.95
spicy tuna & cucumber (gf) £5.50
grilled teriyaki eel & cucumber £5.95
mixed vegetable (v, vg) – gf option £4.50

2 piece hand-pressed sushi
hamachi (yellowtail) (gf) £5.95
unagi (grilled teriyaki eel) £5.25
tuna (gf) £5.00
seabass (gf) £4.50
saba (marinated mackerel) (gf) £5.50
scallop (gf) £5.95
salmon (gf) £4.25
beef tataki – gf option £5.95
sea bream (gf) £4.25
ebi (prawn) (gf) £4.25
avocado (v) (vg) (gf) £4.25
grilled red pepper (v) (vg) (gf) £3.95
nigiri 7 (gf option) £11.50
7 piece chef’s selection nigiri
aburi nigiri £13.95
8 piece nigiri, salmon, tuna, yellowtail & sea bream seared briefly and dressed in aburi sauce

6 slices of the freshest raw fish
hamachi (yellowtail) (gf) £9.95
tuna (gf) £9.50
scallop (gf) £8.95
salmon (gf) £8.95
sea bream (gf) £8.95
sea bass (gf) £8.95
saba (mackerel) (gf) £8.95
saba aburi £12.95
10 piece, lightly seared, marinated mackerel with ikura
new style sashimi  £12.95
8 piece, seared sashimi, chilli, mooli, red amaranth & yuzu dressing; typically prepared with seabass, salmon, sea-bream & tuna
sashimi moriawase (gf) £17.95
13 pieces of the freshest sashimi, selected by the chef
chirashizushi (gf) £13.95
the word “chirashi” means “scattered” – this is a bowl of seasoned rice topped with a variety of the freshest sashimi, mooli, shiso leaf, tamago, ikura & spring onion – OISHII!!!

8 piece seared meat or fish, marinated and seasoned with kimchi, chives & aburi sauce
tuna £12.95
salmon £12.50
beef £14.95

We cannot guarantee that our dishes do not contain traces of nuts, soy beans, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish, fish or other allergens. Please ask a member of staff about the ingredients in your meal before placing your order, thank you.


(v) = vegetarian
(vg) = vegan
(gf) = gluten-free

Kids Menu


steamed rice (v) (vg) (gf)
with sesame seeds

edamame beans (v) (vg) (gf)
steamed soya beans, still in their pods! topped with lava salt

mixed vegetable tempura (v)
lightly battered, with crispy handmade tempura flakes, served with tempura sauce

chicken kara-age kibou fried chicken!
 gf option £6.00
marinated in soy, ginger & garlic, deep fried and crazy good!

bento box – v, vg, gf options
traditional japanese lunchbox with fruit, rice, pumpkin croquette, prawn or pork katsu

chicken katsu sando
crispy katsu chicken, salad and kewpie mayo tucked safely inside fresh white bread

mini pork broth ramen
noodles, pork broth, slow cooked pork belly, sweetcorn, crispy onion bits, sesame, broccoli

prawn katsu kurry
crispy prawn katsu served with rice and our delicious, homemade, curry sauce

PUDDING – £3.50
mini japanese mille crepe (v) 
japanese layered pancakes – chocolate, strawberry or vanilla
mochi ice cream – gf option
chocolate or yuzu
vanilla ice cream (v) (gf)
mango sorbet (v) (vg) (gf)
chocolate brownie with ice cream (v)

orange juice – £2
apple juice 
– £2
glass of milk 
– £2
– £3
(chocolate or strawberry)

We cannot guarantee that our dishes do not contain traces of nuts, soy beans, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish, fish or other allergens. Please ask a member of staff about the ingredients in your meal before placing your order, thank you.

(v) = vegetarian
(vg) = vegan
(gf) = gluten-free

Desserts Menu

japanese mille crepe (v)
japanese layered pancakes with mascarpone – matcha, chocolate, mango or coconut (vg)

affogato (v)
espresso, biscotti and vanilla ice cream mini apple dumplings, cinnamon with vanilla ice cream & dulce de leche sauce

matcha tiramisu (v) – gf option

apple gyoza (v)

available without vanilla ice cream mini apple dumplings, cinnamon with vanilla ice cream & dulce de leche sauce

mochi ice cream (gf)
ask your server for today’s flavours