NEW Teishoku Japanese lunch menu

Monday, February 5th, 2024

Introducing our new Teishoku (定食) at KIBOU Cambridge. A Japanese set meal (that’s literally the translation) that we think is going to make our restaurant the best place in Cambridge for lunch.

You’ll find Teishoku menus pretty much the width and breadth of Japan – they’re a staple in numerous restaurants and cafes across the county.

And what do they entail? Well, the individual elements may vary from location to location, but the make-up of the whole menu remains pretty much the same.

Main plate + Sides + Rice + Soup

For our lunchtime Teishoko menu, you’ll find classics such as prawn tempura , chicken teriyaki or vegetable katsu curry. Served with a bowl of furikake rice, edamame beans, pickles, yamagoyaki (Japanese omelette), goma wakame, and a bowl of homemade miso soup.

Quite a feast we hear you say! Absolutely, the design of the menu is based on the typical “ichiju sansai” style of home-cooking, meaning, ‘one soup, three dishes’, the Japanese route to a well-balanced diet.

And the price of our Teishoku is pretty appetising too!

Just £14.90, and available Monday to Friday from 12pm to 3.30pm.

Just hit the link below to view the full menu.

* Mains are served as small plates or smaller versions of our large plates without accompaniments.

New lunch menu KIBOU Cambridge
Prawn tempura

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